The PCS Diaries – Episode 1 – Leaving your base

When PCSing overseas, don’t take leave en route.  Who cares if you don’t have your furniture for months?  That’s what gov’t issued furniture is for anyhow.

We are currently on leave, we’ll be leaving the US in about 2 weeks.  We just arrived at destination #2 for the next week after leaving destination #1 for the last week.  In this process, we get to cart our entire lives around in my CUV (read – small SUV) through like 8 states with a dog, a newborn and a frickin’ dog crate.

We should have taken leave 2 months ago but there was no baby yet.

Did I mention Baby Danger is 1 month old?!

No kidding, we will never do this again.  We will never go on leave while trying to PCS.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but it’s stupid.  Oh wait, when we come back, we’ll be trying to take leave en route again!!!  Argh.

I can’t even begin to describe the annoyances, especially the familial ones.  Superman is lucky I haven’t left him on the side of the highway somewhere yet.  His parents are nuts.  Mom is pretty sane and understanding.  Laid back and low key but totally contributes Superman’s inability to act like an adult.  He’s coddled.  She ordered NHL center ice for him so he could see the Blackhawks game (BTW, guess which game isn’t televised on center ice tonight?? yep.)  She’s ordering the UFC fight on Saturday.  Our alma mater is playing a pretty big basketball game this Saturday and on Sunday he’s going to a Caps hockey game and we are watching the super bowl.  All these sports make me want to throw up.  I made them all endure 4 solid hours of NCIS reruns tonight just for sport.  Currently, I’m waiting for Baby D to go to sleep so I can watch netflix and NOT watch the blackhawks game.

Oh and next week we fly to the west coast.  Apparently his dad is upset that we aren’t going to be staying in his 2 bedroom house that is heated with a wood burning stove with his untrained giant dog, grandmother, brother, sister, father, 2 of us, baby d and bailey the wonder pup.  YEAH, let’s all just cram into that house.  Plus his dad and sister are both smokers, grandma is on a cpap machine and his brother may or may not be smoking, I really don’t know.  Yeah, whatever they smoke, and yeah, I used to, but I quit and I don’t want him around it.  Plus, my dog is exhausted.  She’s guarding her baby and is a little fed up with being homeless.

As far as outprocessing from the base went, it was a disaster.  We over-packed the car, had to rent a trailer to get everything out of the state and had at least 2 meltdowns in which I ceased any grasp on the English language and started speaking sailor and only sailor. 30 minutes before we were supposed to check out of TLF.  We didn’t even leave the base until 6pm that day, it was awful.  On the plus side, we made it out of housing without having to pay a dime to the shady little housing inspector (who really wasn’t that bad but the whole system is pretty shady) and he got a very nice plaque from his co-workers.

We can’t wait to get to Japan.  I’m not sure about Superman or anything, but me and the dog are ready to be there.  One step closer to a home (in which the housing office refuses to give us any information as far as waitlists or position on the list or anything.. but was kind enough to make me resubmit the entire housing application including orders (although they didn’t get the amendment including baby danger because I don’t have a scan of that one).  I made sure that I submitted it noting the first day we submitted the application just in case.  Did I mention I’m ready to just be there?!


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