Baby Danger goes to the DC Auto Show!

Superman and I were really bummed that we were going to miss the Chicago Auto Show this year, we really enjoy going and have a great time.  His mom was telling the people she works with about us missing the Chicago one and they chimed in that the DC Auto Show started yesterday.  Opening day had a discount too!  We were really excited.  Here are some pictures.  I can whole-heartedly say that the Chicago Auto Show in 2010 was a bazillion times better.  But I did get to see the new VW Passat TDI (that I desperately want based on fuel economy) and you could hide a body in it’s trunk.  I also got to see the Jeep SRT which was AWEESSSOMMME.  It’s pretty.  Really pretty.

I have no interest in driving these things.

I HAD to get a picture of him with the Batman car since he was wearing his Batman onesie.

Hi, I’m a month old!!

And last but not least, Baby Danger is over a month old!  We’re a little late on the pictures, but whatever.


One thought on “Baby Danger goes to the DC Auto Show!

  1. I meant to post on your last one but my iPhone hates capcha, hates it!!! I remember almost wanting to leave my husband on the side of the road, lol! Just wanted you to know you weren't alone. Phillip was three months when we drive cross country! I also meant to say ummmm I'm literally 10 miles from Dc 😉 The show looks awesome. We are going on military day this week 🙂

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