We’re Not Homeless Anymore! Sorta.

Today!  Today we went and bothered the housing office.  That crazy lady said she’d call us last Thursday or Friday and she didn’t.  I should have known better and just went by there on Friday to see what was up.

Today!  Today she handed us 2 sets of keys and said, “Go pick one!”

Today!  Today we looked at 2 very different houses on Kadena.

House #1 – Marek Park

yeepp, stole the picture from okinawahai.com

Renovated 2 bedroom quad w/ 1 bathroom and a den!


  • It has a den!  Did you see that, it has a 3rd ROOM!
  • Huge kitchen
  • Backyard (we are on a fence line)
  • Lots of closets – 2 bedroom closets, 2 linen closets, 2 pantries, 1 coat closet
  • Covered parking for 1 spot.
  • Outdoor storage
  • Safety in numbers, there are neighbors close
  • 1 story AND on the 1st floor.. no stairs!!
  • real parking spots
  • Close to some food (and dunkin’ donuts)


  • 1 bathroom with a double sink
  • Carpet… new carpet…
  • Parking under the covered parking is terrifying because there is a pole.
  • Upstairs neighbors (quad)
  • Small living room
  • Brand new
  • No assigned secondary parking spot
  • Entrance is under the stairs

House #2 – North Terrace

A picture doesn’t exist, I’ve checked everywhere!


  • Standalone house
  • 1.75 bathrooms
  • No carpet
  • Generous living room
  • Pretty (faux) wood floors
  • Clothesline – if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Close to dog park gate
  • 1 huge pantry
  • mud room
  • large yard


  • 3 creepy little neighbor boys
  • sucky/small kitchen layout
  • small dining area
  • no outdoor storage
  • no covered parking (this might be a pro too, but you have to park behind your other car)
  • no den
  • narrow entrances to rooms/hallways/etc.
  • large yard on a hill
  • the houses are angled awkwardly
  • complicated to drive to
And the winner is… 
House #1 – Marek Park

In all honesty, we were pretty sure we were going to turn down the quad for a standalone house but what it came down to was the office/den, the fact that we are backed up to the fence and have a nice, giant yard and the kitchen is huge and workable.  We realized after Minot that it’s not always about the renovations.  We wanted to love the North Terrace house, we really did.  But we cook together and there is no way we would have been able to… plus, Superman would never use the oven.  Oh, and there was no outdoor storage so our lawn mower and furniture would sit outside all the time, including typhoon season.  No bueno.

On that note, we also got library cards today!  I’m still looking for an FM transmitter for my car because we seriously have 1 radio station and I’m going to lose it soon.
We move March 3rd.  The dog will be super happy to be sprung from jail in 8 days after being there for 18 days… we are the worst dog parents ever.  8 more days, that’s all and I can have my baby back.

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