Tax Season

Hey! Hey!  It’s tax season! Yay!

Ok, so generally I’m pretty excited about tax season.  We generally get a refund from both state and federal regardless of how much we make.  There was one year that we didn’t get that refund and it was super sad.  I know people bawk at us overpaying our taxes just to get money back but let’s be serious here.. we would have just blown it anyway.  At least this way, we have to opportunity to bulk deposit it back into its appropriate accounts.  Plus, it’s not like a savings account has a decent interest rate in any way/shape/form.

Plus, Baby Danger is on the taxes this year.  Woo hoo!

Oh wait, Baby Danger wasn’t worth ANYTHING this year.  We made too much money.  Superman’s second job and my only job bumped us into the next tax bracket, our refund was okay but minimal.

Now that we’re overseas, we found out that the base tax office is open year round.  At first it didn’t dawn on me and I was like, “hmm… that’s weird.”  Then I thought about it.  All these deployers needed an irs tax extension.  But, I didn’t use the base tax office this year, I used Military OneSource resources and did my taxes for free.  Recently, I’ve been seeking help.  Between military incomes and HOR’s, state taxes have been a little tedious to say the least.  I’ve been asking for tax advice because of all the craziness.  This year I did it on my own, e-filed and I’m done.  Heck, we already have our refund ;).

Next year everything will change though.  From what I can tell, we’ll qualify for the EITC which is much nicer than our current refund.  Plus, we’ll still continue to qualify for student loan interest credits and most likely almost all of our tax liability back.  I’m putting my B.S. to good use by taking advantage of some programs they’ve left out there wide open.

Until next year, I’m gonna do my tax dance.  Next year, I’ll have a flippin’ tax party.


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