More Penny Stocks

So I posted an article a few weeks/months ago about penny stocks and people emailed me and asked me what they were.  Well, basically, they’re stocks that aren’t worth anything.  You buy them in large quantities and sell them as they rise and make pennies or a few dollars of them.  If you’re super lucky, you make way more than that, you have to learn how to short sell stocks too.  I probably would never do that, it’s like playing fantasy baseball.  Have you ever played fantasy baseball?  It’s ridiculous.  I like fantasy football, set your team once that week, double check their statuses before the game, done.  But with fantasy baseball, no.  There are games every single day.  You have to commit to playing fantasy baseball.  It’s a job.  That’s how trading penny stocks would be for me.  That’s how trading any type of stocks would be for me.  Although, legitimately, I know a few day traders.  But in order for me to be a day trader, I’d have to stay up super weird hours since I’m in a completely different country.  There are plenty of investment tips out there for those of you are actually interested in penny stocks, I’m not a reputable source… and make sure they’re current because based on the stupid news article that has been trolling facebook this week about military AD’s losing their healthcare that is completely irrelevant and outdated as well as being absolutely false right now, it’s pretty apparent no one reads the dates on articles.




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