Baby Danger Strikes Again?!


So Allison over at The Boutwell’s sent me a picture of a car seat cover.  Apparently there is a woman out in her neck of the woods that does custom items.  

Now which one of you ordered me a John Deere carseat cover?!

If you look really closely at the bottom, it says “Baby Danger”

Ok, I’m dying laughing over here.. at first I thought she was being funny and ordered me a carseat cover, I’m not sure how she would have known that I needed one since I hadn’t told her about the torrential downpour that seriously had me looking like a drowned rat that just got out of the shower that day, yet.  The walk from the the BX to my car is much further than I remembered it, when I was being soaked to the bone.

But alas, she didn’t.  But she did offer to send me her babe’s because it’s pretty useless to her.  
Watch out folks, there is someone else out there calling their kid, Baby Danger.  Never fear though, I’m the original, promise! 😀





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