Yakiniku GOEN

Yesterday we went to a Korean BBQ named Yakiniku Goen.  This place is amazing.  You order raw foods and they bring them to your table and you grill them at your in-table grill.  The outside of the place is decked out in strobe lights and LED’s and parking is interesting.  For 2100¥, you get all-you-can-eat with no time limit, free refills on your drinks, soup and soft-serve ice cream.  But, if you have excessive leftovers, they’re going to charge you extra.  

We got the All-Star beef/pork, kalbi, stamina short ribs, asparagus w/bacon, potatoes w/butter & bacon, t-bone, white rice, and the list goes on.  You can get kid’s curry, hot dogs, spicy hot dogs, chicken, corn and all kinds of things.  It was all delicious and a pretty neat setup.  On the side of the table is a soy sauce type thing (it’s less salty than regular soy and you can completely drop your entire piece of meat in it and dunk), what I assume is garlic and potentially a sriracha paste… or something.  Whatever it was, we ate it and we liked it.  Anytime you want to order something new, you just ring your doorbell, your table number pops up on the marquee and your server speeds on over (did I mention the efficiency of the Japanese?).  Your new items are brought out in lightning speed.

Parking is tough to come by and we parked at the 100¥ store next door, our server said we would be okay and we were.  There MIGHT be parking behind the building too, but I don’t read Kanji so I can’t verify.  Just park at your own risk.

 some dude named The Blade Chef did a vlog about this place!

After eating there, and getting the heads up on what the place was called from someone who used to be here: I present to you the okinawahai.com article (I love this website).  OkinawaHai.com, in case you are unfamiliar, has a facebook page as well.  It is a serious island resource that is followed by a lot of military and questions are answered by military-attached folks, but also some locals.  They have restaurant reviews, how-to guides, and all kinds of things.  If you’ve ever had the though, I wish i knew how to <insert some random Japanese thing>, you should probably check OkinawaHai.com!

Anway, the food was fantastic and we paid about 4320¥ to eat.  It was worth every penny at our exchange rate of (92¥ = 1US$).  On that note, community bank sucks.  I’m just sayin’.  They have a scam on the Yen conversion rate on base.
After dinner we headed to a Lawson’s (it’s like a mini-mart) to check it out.  I’d already stopped at one, Superman had not.  They have bento boxes and all kinds of grab and go food items as well as snacks and really cool stuff.  We like to try new things.  I’m not sure when we started to like to try new things, but this is the new us and it’s fantastic.  I bought a stovetop wok (and a griddle) yesterday because I refuse to eat pork chops and BBQ chicken when there is MUCH better foods in the world to eat, I just have to learn how to cook them!  At Lawson’s, hubby picked up a white chocolate covered belgian waffle and pineapple tea.  Both were delicious.  I picked up an ice cream parfait and a matcha latte (neither of which I’ve tasted yet – I’ll let you know).



One thought on “Yakiniku GOEN

  1. I am so jealous! My hubby decided to go subs and no shore duty will ever be overseas for us because he is a nuke.My biggest want when I found out he was going into the military (seriously…he told me on April Fool's Day he was thinking about it! I thought it was a joke!) I dreamed about the travels we would have around the country and overseas…He just had to be a Mr. Smarty Pants though and go into a field he wouldn't be sent but a few places for though.

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