Student Loans – part WAY TOO MANY

So in our last installation, I told you how we consolidated all of our loans with Direct Loans here: Student Loan Consolidation – The Final (yeah, right) Chapter! (aptly titled, eh?).  I was so excited that things finally started making payments and things were looking up.  We finally figured out the quirks of recalculating payments and submitting documentation.  Sidenote:  Direct Loans only puts the documentation on one person, even if you WRITE ON THERE TO APPLY IT TO BOTH.  Which means we submit documentation to recalculate payments twice a year because they have yet to figure this out.  Other than that, we’ve been doing okay with the whole system.

Insert newest headache: Superman gets an emaIl today from Direct Loans stating they’ve sold his loan to Aspire Resources. They seem to offer the same benefits we had before but my loan isn’t going anywhere, so far.  They also conveniently sent us the email over a weekend when their customer service depts. are both closed.  So what this means for our payments, I have no idea.  But what I can tell you is that I’m so irritated.  I’m 100% over playing the “chase the student loan game”.  It’s going to be ultra convenient to call them Monday night, since we live in Japan!  We are trying to play nice with them, pay our student loans, etc.  But they’re making it really difficult.  I am SO sick of loans being sold all over the place.  If this messes up our PSLFA, I’m going to scream.  Oh and his payment is supposed to be due in 12 days.  YAY! /eyeroll.

If a bank approves you for a loan, they should have to keep it and stop selling them.  

Furthermore, this makes me want to convince baby danger in the future, that college is stupid.  Not like most of us use our degrees anyway.


This is exactly why people default on loans.




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