Warning Shots

Well folks, if I’m missing for the next week or 3, I promise I’m still alive.  Superman is going TDY for 9 days (our very first TDY!), except this isn’t a real TDY since it’s on-island.  He’s going to Silver Flag and he’s bummed out about it.  

This means that I am 24/7 on baby duty (buying wine on Sunday) and dog duty.  Normally this would be fine but the dog has a vet appt. on Wednesday because she has a bladder infection and Baby D has his 4 month check up while Superman is gone (including shots).  I really need to find a baby sitter around here.  Maybe I’ll stop at the CDC and inquire about hourly care next week just for the future.  Grocery shopping alone is important.

Did I mention I’m buying wine?

Also, I finally got the new Photoshop.  I haven’t had photoshop in a decade or so.. I’m going to need days upon days and maybe months to immerse myself in it.  My brain is on overdrive.  It needs to calm down and learn how to do the 1 project I am going to do first.. then I’ll move on to something else.  EEEEKkk so excited.  I’m a total nerd, I know.  But I LOVE GRAPHIC DESIGN.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  And I would like to do it on a paid basis (on my own schedule of course) so I better get started and learn some things.  I’m also super excited about editing my own pictures and learning how to use my camera.  I am SOO excited.




2 thoughts on “Warning Shots

  1. Shots…it's actually more stressful on the mama than it is on the kid. If you keep your cool, the kid won't be so bad. I learned that one fast 🙂 I also found out my husband was MUCH worse than me in these kinds of situations (and when the kid is at the ER having to get an IV/catheter and it's going nowhere but putting the kid in more pain)Grocery shopping isn't too bad either alone. The day I was released from the hospital with my second, the first thing I did after dropping my friend at her car was go to WalMart…alone…with both kids…It was much better than I expected it to be. The first week and a half home alone with them was great too…it was after all the family left and I was alone for another 4 weeks after having so much help that was killer 🙂 Now that they're older, it's all good again…though shopping with an almost 3 and almost 5 year old can get tough at times.Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great though!

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