Murphy and our very first TDY.

Have you met Murphy?  He’s a jerk.  

For those of you who haven’t Murphy is Murphy’s Law.  “What can and will, does. (go wrong)”

Superman is on his very first TDY.  Yes, his first one in 3 years.  North Dakota had a crappy budget and the guys rarely got sent out for training unless you were the *ahem* training NCOIC or an 8-hour.  So we’ve never experienced a TDY before. Sidenote, he’s been in for 3 years!! So proud of him (we hit that anniversary a week ago).  

Superman is at Silver Flag.  I’d like to tell you what that is, but honestly I don’t know.  It involves a tent city, tents, and MRE’s – that’s all I got.  Even better, his TDY is on the island.  So he REALLY didn’t go anywhere.  I was kinda excited for him to go on his first TDY, well, I take it back.  He’s less than thrilled because as much as he likes to think he’s rough and tough.. if we go camping, it’ll be in an RV.

Since he’s left the following things have transpired:

  • Baby Danger refuses to sleep on an appropriate schedule or nap.
  • Bailey-dog has a bladder infection (3 total vet visits, an x-ray & ultrasound and 3 weeks of antibiotics).
  • Fuse blew in the office.
  • Fuse blew in the kitchen.
  • Lost my keys (and found them – hooray!).
  • The spider I killed last week disappeared of the patio.  This probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but SOMETHING came and ate it and I don’t want to know what SOMETHING is especially considering the size of the spider originally.  If you’re feeling froggy, google okinawa brown spider.  The whole thing was the size of the palm of my hand and dead, it was the size of a quarter.
  • Superman didn’t finish his spinach and it rotted in the fridge… now I have to clean the fridge.
  • Tomorrow we have a well-baby appointment and potentially shots, if immunizations is still open after our appointment.
  • Wedesday is another vet appointment (off-base, at a Japanese-speaking vet).

Luckily.. he comes home soon.  But seriously Murphy… you’re lucky I’m good at electronics because your little games are pissing me off.

I think there is a bottle of Moscato calling my name from the shopette.




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