Happy Mother’s Day!

How was your mother’s day?  I was a little busy to come and wish everyone a great day but here’s a little recap:

Superman made breakfast
Lunch at Chili’s for me, 2 margaritas for him – Chili’s gave all the mama’s carnations – very sweet.
Grocery shopping!  YAY! /eyeroll
Ordered dinner in and made dessert.  

We went to the East China Sea! (last week)

I don’t feel like a mama, I know I am, but it’s not an overwhelming feeling for me in the general sense.  My entire life isn’t about being a mama, I guess.  I was picking out my present from Baby Danger (he’s too young, I’ll do it myself, lol) and customizing an oragami owl locket and realized I don’t have any charms to put in there for myself.  Well, they’re mine, but none of them are indicators of me, they are who I live my life for.  Superman had one, the dog had one, the baby had a few.  I didn’t see anything that screamed me.. and then I sorta realized that I don’t have much of an identity anymore.  Normally, that would bother me.  For some reason, it doesn’t.  I have my degrees, I might go back for more, I might not.  I’ve had careers and jobs, I might want another one.  Right now, I’m just cruising along for the ride and really enjoying my life.  If I want to do something else, I’ll just do it.  I’m glad I have the opportunity to just enjoy life (and this island AND my babycakes) right now.  I do know that I enjoy being a mom and I give serious props to all of you SAHM’s out there.  This is no joke.  The mental toughness you have to have as well as some serious organization skills is just absurd.  I can go to work and breeze through a work day, working my tail off, and still not be this exhausted.  The thought of being a working mom, well, that just straight terrifies me.  Let’s be real here.  HOW DO YOU GET ALL OF THAT DONE?!! Stay at home’s are super heroes and so are working moms, each in their own ways.  It takes a special person to do each of those jobs.  

Bravo to all of you.

Side note, Superman bought me a heart rate monitor for mother’s day – he’s well aware of my unhappiness with my current level of “fluff”.  I busted that thing out of the box today and it was awesome.  It’s just a boring polar one, but I think it’s great.  I restarted my fitness pal stuff and readjusted for breastfeeding and such.  I did my DDP yoga and then some zumba and then Baby Danger had a panic attack (see – he needs a nap and is more or less refusing to properly nap) so I stopped and am currently bribing him in his swing.  Regardless, I feel good and I was sweating… and it’s humid here.

Then I saw how many calories are in my Dunkin Donuts Chai Tea Latte and had a super sad moment.  No mas Dunkin, sorry. 




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