My new favorite toy.

As adult women our toys are really more like appliances aren’t they?  This year for my birthday, I actually asked for a vegetable steamer (I didn’t get it).  I’ve wanted a kitchenaid for about a decade.  

But I just found this:


Do you know what that is?!  It’s a microwave popcorn popper!  Ok, so confession – I LOVE popcorn (not microwave).  But anymore, the thought of having the clean the pan afterwards is becoming a task.  We don’t have an air popper anymore and I was looking at buying one again because of the lack of oil and #operationunfluffy and they’re like $25.  That guy up there is 8.99 on amazon and free prime shipping here.  I ordered it.  It was here within a few days (to an APO, mind you).

I’m still working out the kinks on it as far as not burning popcorn but the instructions were pretty easy.  Put 1/3 of a cup of kernels in and microwave – no oil.  You can add oil if you want, I don’t see a need for it.  Plus, I can salt my kernels during popping.  I am super excited!  I love fresh popcorn without all the crap on it and now my pan is easier to clean (and it’s DW safe!).

//end random post of the day.

Sorry, I just HAD to share.  Popcorn is a serious love of mine and that thing is super cheap and useful.



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