Shooting Stars

Ok, listen.  I’m not a religious person at all.. but I do believe in the power of positive thinking.  I have a friend who’s struggled with infertility for almost (maybe over) 3 years.  They spent months doing fertility treatments to no avail, she had stomach surgery (she was overweight and had PCOS as a result), she altered vitamin regiments, lost about 100lbs, her husband separated from the military and they moved away.  They said good-bye to their first angel baby while we shared a duty station and now she is pregnant with rainbow twin boys to be named after one of my favorite constellations and a samurai (legitimately, I don’t know why the second name was chosen or what it is based on).  She is being c-sectioned at 33ish weeks in about 5 hours after her last growth scan came back poorly for twin #2.  

That being said, whatever positive thought process you follow, PLEASE send them to Thing 1 & Thing 2.  They’re going to need some assistance due to their premature birth and mama is already stressed to the max.  Those of you who have left your babes in the NICU when you checked out of the hospital will understand this.  I can tell you that I cannot begin to understand what it’s like.  I got lucky and I’m grateful every day that we didn’t have complications.

So, while you’re reading this, if you could just shoot a star into the sky (send your happy thought out there) for these rainbow twins and their mama and let’s all hope that they’re healthy and can go home ASAP.





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