Paleo Progress and a C25K update

Well, cheat day was a rousing success.  We went and had pancakes in the morning and I didn’t even end up eating my eggs and bacon until the next morning because I was full (I may have had some loaded hash browns, too).  I don’t even think we ate lunch and went to macaroni grill for dinner and split the lobster raviolis and 2 items of the tapas menu.  The theme of the day was literally carb and cheese coma.  It was awful.  I felt like garbage afterwards (and still managed to eat some popcorn).  I may have went just a *wee bit* overboard on a cheat day.  The really sad part is that looking at all the food I ate is that I could have done that normally.  I eat a lot apparently.  I can tell you that I don’t miss bread except for the occasional thought about making a sandwich out of convenience.  You know, that pepperidge farm, thin sliced bread that literally gets stuck to the roof of your mouth?  I want that bread.  More than anything though, I miss cheese.  I love cheese.  We’ve considered incorporating it into an occasional meal but probably wont because I have no self control obviously.  Cooking paleo is a total pain in the ass, to put it lightly.  Long are the days of opening a package of rice and tossing it on the stove for 9 minutes (yeah, I know, that stuff is terrible for you).  This whole change is seriously making me reconsider my previous food choices.  I read the ingredients of things, which is something I used to do looking for onions or allergens.  Now, I can’t figure out why they put flippin’ sugar in EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything.  Every sauce or marinade out there has sugar in it in some fashion.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of the lesser of 2 evils (dehydrated cane syrup vs. HFCS/sugar).  Other times, there’s just no way to even try and make it look good.  Did you know that canned tuna has soy in it?  I cheated on myself with tortilla chips last week.  I wanted salsa and I wanted crunchy.  So I ate chips and salsa, lol.  I felt pretty crappy afterwards but it was so good.  I’ve gotten some ideas to make “chips” but haven’t tested them out yet.  We don’t have the same ingredients available here.  There are no regular, orange sweet potatoes, jicamas are hard to find; the list goes on and on.  Oh well, my next cheet day won’t involve the same indulgences of last week but it will include cheese – why? because melted cheese is amazing.

As for the Couch to 5K challenge – well, I update that on twitter and instagram (@molly_danger).  I can VERY proudly say that I’m finishing week 6 in the next 2 days.  I have a 22 minute run looming on the horizon this week.  Some days I do great, other days I fail wildly.  Baby Danger no longer runs with me, he melts down in a stroller to easily.  So I run when Superman is home.  Two days ago I ran 1 ten minute intervals and it was amazing.  I gave up and treadmilled it because it is increasingly hot here, the humidity is trying to kill us all.  I am pretty impressed with myself at getting this far because I literally have not attempted to run any type of distance since high school gym class (which was over 10 years ago).  Since then I’ve gained a lot of weight and was afraid my knees weren’t going to be able to take it.  They seem to be doing okay which is a plus.  My goal is to run a 5k this year without dying… and then keep running them.
Oh and I’ve lost 5lbs in 2 weeks.

Sidenote: Superman just interrupted me with a video of Aaron Hicks – the rookie center fielder for the Minnesota Twins thowing out Vernon Wells from right-center to 3rd base without a relay.  It was a phenomenal throw in every sense of the word, I’ve watched the video 4 times.  Baby Danger and I watch baseball during the day (I’m one of those weird people that likes watching baseball) I actually also enjoy watching baseball highlights while running.



One thought on “Paleo Progress and a C25K update

  1. That throw is awesome! That guy has an arm!Great job with the running! I have started training for a half marathon, and the heat and humidity is killing me too.

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