Paleo Cheat Day #2

Well, we made it cheat day number 2, no thanks to Mr. Danger.  For the record, I never once said, “Hey Honey, let’s go paleo.”  It was his idea.  Apparently when he gets into something it’s a fleeting thought as opposed to me where I am usually all in.


In the last week Mr. Danger has committed the following grevious offenses against HIS paleo diet suggestion:

  1. Found him unpacking Peanut Butter from his lunch bag, I asked him how we ate it – he says, “with a spoon”.  Pale-no-no
  2. I asked if he needed more almond milk from el commisary.  He says no.  We go to the commy – he begs for regular white milk.. like BEGS and then tells me that there’s science behind not drinking too much almond milk.  At this point I want to punch him.
  3. During same said shopping trip, he demands a box of organic rice cereal.
  4. Tried to buy cashews and another trail mix variety until I pointed out the sugar.
  5. Claimed to be starving, so we went through the BX grocery section looking at beef jerky.  I found one that was ALMOST paleo, I think it had some soy product in it second to last.  I showed it to him and the product, asked him if he could live with it, he pouted, said no and whined.  Instead of going home and making dinner, he pretty much melted down (which happens to him when he gets hungry), the only thing missing were the crocodile tears Baby Danger produces when he’s past his bedtime.  Since dinner was apparently an emergency now because someone didn’t plan on a snack because I didn’t pack him a snack before leaving the house (Oh, how I wish I was kidding), we end up at a yakuniku (Korean BBQ) and set ourselves back about $60.  Where we ate marinated means (in what I can only assume is a soy derivative but we will cheat with those) until we could not eat them any longer.
  6. While at said yakuniku – Mr. Danger tried to sneak himself a pepsi float. 


Can someone please explain to me how going paleo was a GOOD idea??!? 


Since I ratted him out, I’ll rat myself out too.  In the last week I’ve done the following:

  1. Eaten a bowl of said organic cereal – I will not be eating it again I don’t like it.
  2. Had a small ice cream cone after the pepsi float incident.  I realize it was petty and I’m only hurting myself but whatever.
  3. If you follow me on Twitter (@molly_danger), you’re aware that I lost an argument to some chips and salsa. 
  4. Made pesto pasta with a packet of seasoning.
  5. Ate the yakuniku – after all, it is my favorite restaurant.

Now, Mr. Danger wants me to buy him a list of random supplements thanks to Mr. Tim Ferris (who is not paleo, btw).  Apparently he says you should eat beans and other things as opposed to Rob Wolf who says no to those things.  I’m not sure he knows who or what to believe but he has the attention span of a fly and it makes me crazy.  I told him I’d give him 30 days and in less than 17, we have 3 almost gallons of white 2% organic milk in the fridge, a box of cereal in the pantry, and a husband who doesn’t even know the rules of his own diet.  We’ve talked about sweet potatoes and white potatoes and his decision was, nah, we’ll cut them out – but somehow white milk falls into the okay category?!?!

I want to bang my head into the wall.

As I sit here and type this, he’s in another room, leaving me to search for these stupid supplements he wants thanks to Tim Ferris while he does NOTHING.  Seriously, can someone please just kill me.  If he teaches my son how to whine like he does, I’m sending them both away.  His mother can take care of them – she is the one that allowed this type of behavior.

Now, onto the other updates – crap food of the day was:

  • Pancakes
  • Pizza (thin crust)
  • Enchilada Pie with black beans (light on the tortilla with cheese) 
  • Oh, and the oreos he HAD to have at the shopette when he went in for a bottle of water… and then demanded I ate them with him.  I should have just thrown them out the window but I hate wasting money.  Next time, I’m throwing them out the window.    

 My C25K update – I finished week 6!! Ran 22 minutes tonight non-stop for 2.24 miles (including w/u & c/d).  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I can’t tell you the last time I ran that amount of time or distance.. actually I can – never.  I have distance running and we only ran a mile in high school.



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