I’m annoyed at Under Armour

So for Father’s Day, Superman said he wanted some new boxer brief things.  We found some online at Under Armour, on sale (sorta) and with a 10% discount from TroopSwap (if you haven’t signed up over there yet, you should).  I said, “yay!” and ordered them for him.  That was June 27th.  Today is July 26th.  They even offered free shipping!  I said, “yay!”  I’ve been compulsively checking the mailbox for this blasted package and it’s not here yet.  I ordered Scentsy last week and guess what showed up yesterday?  You want to know why?  Because they ship priority mail.


I reached out to them via twitter and I get a response back from them asking for my order number so they can track the package.  Yes, thank you under armour minions, I can track my own package too!  It’s not supposed to be here until 8/14/13 now.  For the record and I counted, that is an estimated 48 days or just shy of 7 weeks to mail 2 pairs of boxers from Maryland to an APO address in Japan.  Why you ask?  Because Under Armour ships USPS economy.  They’re willing to pay for FedEx ground but they refuse to pay for priority mail.  In this case, they actually paid for BOTH FedEx and USPS because they shipped it to FedEx first who then shipped it to the USPS.  I imagine that 2 pairs of boxers weighs less than 2lbs.  Would it have killed them to ship priority?  I would have paid for priority shipping (assuming it’s not some assinine price like Bodybuilding.com charges).  


How are you going to say you support the troops if you make it impossible for us to get our items?  I just placed another order on the 17th of July because I REALLY wanted a specific WWP heat gear shirt and the BX was sold out.. That shit isn’t even supposed to get here until September.


Lesson learned.  Under Armour, I’m sorry but we’re getting a divorce.  If I can’t buy it at the bx, I’m not buying it.  I’m not waiting 6-8 weeks for your crap to arrive.  Nike ships priority and so does just about everyone else.  Old Navy even has free returns (and priority shipping).  You can’t tell me that you’re not making enough money from all of your sales, stores and outlets to OFFER priority shipping.  Let us have the option to pay for it or stop using FedEx and we’ll split the cost!  Until you offer USPS priority mail, I can’t shop with you anymore.  


There is an issue when your Household Goods shipment arrives before your stupid capris do.


Sorry, dude.



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