31 days of Paleo.

Well, there you have it. 31 days since going Paleo.

What have I learned in the last few weeks?

 I think that pretty much sums it up, lol.

In all seriousness though, I thought it would be super difficult to do this and it kinda is but it’s not at the same time. You eat REAL food. You don’t eat processed garbage. If I don’t know an ingredient, I don’t eat it. Yes, I cheat sometimes when I go out to eat. You think the Japanese list all their ingredients on some fancy website and translate it into English for you? Negative. But, we make wiser choices.

What have I really learned in the last few weeks?

  •  I ate like crap. I didn’t think I ate like crap, but I did. I really ate like crap. 
  • I like ice cream, like really like ice cream. Here in the 7th circle of hell, I like to cool off. I like ice treats so much that I’ve bought popsicle makers and an ice cream maker is on its way and I’ll be making sorbet and maybe some paleo friendly chocolate ice cream. 
  • Pasta and other heavy carbs make me feel like crap. I could probably make a whole meal out of a small baked potato and some shredded bbq chicken. That used to be a portion of my meal (and add some corn and we’re good to go!) 
  • I thought I wanted movie theatre popcorn, and then I realized I didn’t, lol. Gut bomb. I am going to buy some fancy amish popcorn or organic and make it myself… in much smaller portions. I just need a taste every now and then, not 12 cups. 
  • They put soy and wheat in flippin’ everything. For those of you allergic, I am so sorry for you. I have no idea how you eat sometimes (but I’m learning!). 
  • They also put frickin’ sugar in everything and I mean just about everything. It’s no wonder I’m addicted to sugar, check your labels, it’s ridiculous. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why sausage needs sugar? 
  • I learned what carageenan is. That’s some nasty shit people.. oh wait, that’s right, “it’s safe..” I don’t trust the FDA, at all. They do not have our country’s best interests at heart. They’re a corrupt organization who allows companies to put crap in people’s mouths – cough Monsanto cough. 
  • I love cheese. But if I’m going to eat it, I’m going to eat the good stuff – not some crappy kraft block of cheese that has a ton of preservatives (and rarely). 
  • S’more poptarts are the devil… so are the chocolate cupcake pudding cups – you hear me you evil marketing geniuses? I’ve got you beat though, don’t you worry. 
  • Sometimes you need a little chocolate. 
  • Real food is expensive. 
  • Bacon is delcious, all the time. 
  • I found a recipe for Dole Whips – the paleo version, and I am SOOOO excited to try it. Baby food products have sugar in them too. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?! Baby Danger eats steak. (Allison, you can just start dying laughing now. Oh, the things you learn as a parent.) 
  • Paleo cupcakes are not the same, neither are muffins, but they’re close enough and I didn’t put refined sugar in them. WIN! 
  • While on paleo, it’s totally acceptable to use a pound of butter for buttercream frosting – you know why? It’s a “healthy” fat. BAHAHA. 
  • I learned how to make mayo (and it’s good too). 

We are staying paleo for now.  It’s not a diet, it’s not a fad. It’s coming to terms with personal beliefs and issues I have with how food is made and sold in America. I don’t need pasta (sometimes I cheat, yes) at every meal. I look at the plates my friends post and scream, “THOSE AREN’T VEGETABLES!” at the computer. Speaking of vegetables, corn is confusing. We just don’t eat it anymore. Not that I’m missing much, if it’s not Indiana Sweet Corn, I don’t want it. I haven’t enjoyed corn on the cob since I’ve left Indiana. Is this how the rest of the world eats corn? Do they all eat crappy corn? You guys are really missing out on the good stuff. I may hate Indiana, but I love their corn… and autumn.


One thought on “31 days of Paleo.

  1. Good for you for staying with paleo! You've got way more will power than I do. 🙂 With that said is there anything better than the midwest corn on the cob? I think not!

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