I can be immature too.

I was scrolling though the husband’s facebook whilst Baby Danger was falling asleep and stumbled upon a post that said something along the lines of an 18/19 year old freaking out because they saw someone breastfeeding in public at the Mall of America.  Something about covering it up or blah blah blah and how it was gross and no one wants to see that.  I’d copy and paste it but apparently, I am blocked from seeing this girl’s word vomit (I’ve never met her but her name is missing for me and it’s visible to Superman.  

I read the comments on it and one of her own friends posted, “I hope you’re joking.” To which this awesome 18 year old (she might be 19 now) replied, NO!  That’s disgusting, no one wants to see that.

I officially want to drive back to North Dakota, from Okinawa – yes, and judo chop this idiot in the throat.  She has pictures all over the internet of her cleavage, her ass in a bikini, etc.  But she’s going to get all bent out of shape because she saw top boob.  Hell, she may not even have seen it, she just recognized what was going on at the time.  

Yes, I realize that’s judgy.  But, I don’t care.  This girl is sheshul.  The guy she is currently engaged to (and legitimately isn’t mature enough to go anywhere as an adult thus probably has no business getting married – more on that later) used to work with Superman.  He is also the same age as her and they come from that special generation of “Hand me shit on a silver platter and I will do what I want, when I want, how I want.”  Also, he lives with her in her parents home. /megaeyeroll

I was infuriated when I read it.  This is the girl who whilst the boy was deployed, started shit with his then girlfriend (who was approximately the same age at the time (17-18) and broke them up.  The facebook drama that I was lucky enough to catch was the most ABSURD thing I’ve ever seen.  She even went so far as to tell the now ex-g/f (and fiancee) that she slept with her boyfriend before he deployed.  The whole thing is a total cluster and fantastically dysfunctional.  When he returned from the desert, he broke up with now-fiancee and started dating ex-fiancee again and then they broke up and he went back to the blonde tramp stamp.  They broke up again a few months ago, right before he put a ring on it.

If this is what the future generation looks like, I’m moving to the moon or something.

Regardless, between wanting to virtually bitchslap her for being an immature hoe bag (amongst a whole string of things) and wanting to scream at her for just being plain immature I realized something.  If she thinks this, what does that mean for our next generation of babies?  We all know that “breast is best” and I’m also well-aware that sometimes that just isn’t possible.  But if you could, why wouldn’t you provide the best you could for your child?  This is even beyond the breastfeeding debate.  This goes into children’s nutrition.  I recently saw someone post, asking for help transitioning their babes and starting to feed them food.  There was lots of advice, I chimed in too, people were great about just saying, “ya know, it’s your thing, here’s what I did.”  Then there was one comment about how someone was being judged for how they raise their children, they were doing it all wrong but their kids were fine and they didn’t raise a “Maury kid” yet.  I don’t even know what that means but I assume it’s some type of springer-type reference?  Correct me if I’m wrong.  I remember when my MIL found out we weren’t doing rice cereal (oh, the shame!!) and her comment was that she had done it and her kids turned out fine.  I just kept my mouth shut.  I wanted to scream, “yeah, well 27 years ago we didn’t know that much about nutrition or arsenic levels in rice!”  But, I didn’t.  I was trying to be polite.  For the record, I hate that response, “Well, I did it and my kids were fine.”

I hope, for the sake of the generations that follow, that her generation gets over themselves (yes, I know they aren’t ALL like this).  I’ve never seen a more self-involved and just plain selfish group of people.  I hope that my son never grows up like that.  I hope her parents never procreate again… and I hope I see her again soon, because I’ll probably whip my boob out and feed BD in front of her, just for shits and giggles.



One thought on “I can be immature too.

  1. have I told you how much I love you and how I wish we could hang out in real=life. I mean, for reals yo! If one more person says something snarky about bfing..whilst posting a picture of them in a bikini I will help you judo chop them as well!

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