I’m hungrrrrrrry

As I type, I’m sitting here waiting for my breakfast to cool down.  It’s noon-45.  Baby Danger was complicated this morning.  He didn’t want to take his first nap (2nd day in a row – PLEASE don’t let this happen already) so he got to help me sort his old baby clothes for the clothing swap next weekend.  I take his stuff that I don’t want to keep and upcycle them for new, gently used clothing in whatever sizes I need.  I have 2 solid bags of 9+ months all the way to 2T that I picked from one of Superman’s co-workers.  They’ve finally decided to get rid of their clothes because they’re having a little girl instead.  More boy clothes!  Yay!  I’m drowning in baby clothes.

But, back to breakfast-ish.  I wanted to share what I was eating today because it really is a chore of creativity to come up with food choices sometimes.  We’re still paleo (failing wildly this week) and finding meals is really complicated sometimes.  What I really want right now is a drive-thru, somewhere I can mindlessly go and just pick a number and then mindlessly eat it without having to Labor on Labor Day.  But alas, finding drive thru food that isn’t full of crap is hard.  I really have better luck off base where the Japanese have much higher food standards than greedy, capitalistic, shady America does.  Did you know that a Japanese McDonald’s will not use American beef because the quality sucks?  I can tell you flat out that their stuff tastes better than ours.  When you go and order a chicken nugget meal, do you know how many nuggets you get?  5.  That’s it.  There’s no 20 piece on the menu.  Why?  Because no one should eat 20 nuggets.

My brunch scramble is this:  3 eggs, 2 angus hot dogs, about 1/4-1/2 oz of organic mozzarella, black pepper, paprika, and apples all mixed together (and then more apple on the side because I’m not wasting and apple.  That’s being washed down with a cup of water.  Never fear, I’ll be tanking up on coffee later but I’m thirsty and coffee does not quench my thirst.  My food is inspired by a restaurant in Chicago called Tweet! Let’s Eat.  Superman got a havarti and green apple omelet from them that was to die for.  I would actually go sit in traffic for that omelet.  I got gluten-free pumpkin pancakes and I would have jumped off buildings for those.  Seriously, that good.  The server recommended them and he got a fabulous tip for that.  The place isn’t cheap and I’m pretty sure it’s cash only but it was SO good.  They’re hours are weird but the food is SO good.  Did I mention it was SO good?  I’m actually over hear reading their menu and drooling.  I know we’re paleo and all, but if I’m going to be forced to eat pancakes – haha – I think I’ll go gluten-free.

So, go to Chicago and go to Tweet! and eat some GF pumpkin pancakes for me.  Take a picture and send it to me so I can fantasize over their delicious food.  I’m gonna go back to my scramble and dream.  Next time I’ll tell you about the pizza place we love.



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