It’s the little things

There are certain things in this world that make me straight wonky.  Yes I know, I’ve been whining recently – but let’s tell the truth, I’m a hell of a lot funnier when I’m hostile.

Nice me has nothing to say, she’s quiet, chill, fluid.  Hostile me has all kinds of things to say and it really doesn’t take much to set me off.  Today I was listening to AFN.  For those of you not overseas, it’s pretty much our only link to the US and television/radio.  They do news, exchange rates, base announcements (or in our case – island announcements), and general announcements.  It’s all very pg and the stories are vetted.  Sometimes AP news breaks in and we get real news – like today!  I don’t know all the details but I heard that a food stamp reform bill was passed with new working restrictions.  Then I heard a sound byte from a Representative about god saying if they’re hungry – feed them.  I don’t know my bible passages, do not quote me on the exactness of the phrase.  But that was the gist of it, the rebuttal was something about god saying to feed the workers.  Again with the above disclaimer.
First off, bible verses have no business in this argument.  Secondly, did we forget about the separation of church and state?  Third, if god wants to feed the hungry – go for it.  There are tax benefits to running a church – look at all those super mega churches. Fourth, I’m almost sure churches qualify for funding now similar to non-profits.  Fifth, if you’re sitting in your ass all day doing absolutely nothing (there were caveats to children and disabilities, states with really high unemployment rates, etc) why should someone else pay for you to eat?  If you can’t get a job, then that is documented, presumably through your welfare or unemployment files. There are states that already require that certain assistance be accompanied by a job search in some cases.  There are food pantries all over the country that help people.  We’ve gotten help before.  I specifically remember picking up frozen milk as a child.  But we stopped needing help and stopped getting the benefits. 
There are people in food stamps for decades.
That’s not right.  It’s not right that people can’t find a job in 3 years.  If a teenager is getting hired over you at mcdonalds, I suggest taking a shower and combing you hair before you walk in to fill out an application.  Shockingly, they don’t just let anyone work with food.
I am not opposed to people having to work to get food stamps.  I am opposed to denouncing the action or agreeing with it based on a bible verse or two.

One thought on “It’s the little things

  1. i wish I had the guts to rant and rave about this..but it might get too ugly. I'm over it. I'm just done. People who abuse the system are the ones sucking dry. why are we spending forever trying to come up with the money for people who literally do nothing. Having had 13 foster brothers and sisters I witnessed some of this first hand. One of the moms had four kids, two adopted out, and then we had the two siblings..yet she was sitting in section 8 housing (free) and just kept on having kids. I just don't understand.

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