NFL Europe?!

Ok, since it’s football season and all, a friend of mine alerted me to a quote that a football player said.  

The NFL can try to force a team in London, but the players will always hate it

The NFL wants to go global, no big surprise there, this is old news.  Apparently the players think this is a terrible idea.  I’m personally not going to judge the league for their business strategies because they’re a lot more successful than I currently am.   They have a successful business model, branding, etc. and some not-so successful things going on all at the same time.  Regardless, their people are filthy, stinkin’ rich (and whine about not making enough money).

The quote is this: “All your family is back in the United States. Who would do that?” Eagles linebacker Trent Cole

Well, Mr. Trent Cole – I can direct you to tens of thousands of families who live overseas (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not) who make an ass-ton less money than you do to play in Pennsylvania (8 hours from your home state).  These families have to rely on crappy internet to talk to their family, sometimes they don’t get to talk to them at all.  I forget just how pampered our athletes are, how much of a celebrity they become because they can tackle someone.  Seriously dude, you’re idea of sacrifice is a road game.  You know the cool part about you living overseas, I bet you could get back to the states whenever you wanted with your inflated salary of 3 million dollars a year.  For the record, we make 1% ish of what you make; so as you can imagine – travelling back to the US on a whim isn’t going to happen.  Plus, you can drive it in 8 hours, I couldn’t even get home on a plane in 8 hours.  So stop being a whiny baby.  It’s about experiences and NOT being a whiny baby.  

The cool part about living overseas though is this:  I get to see just how whiny and entitled Americans are as an outsider.  And boy, are we spoiled rotten.

I personally hope that Mr. Trent Cole gets traded to the London team just for giggles. 



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