I’m about to flip political shit.

Ok, so for the record, I voted for Obama in 2008.  I did not vote in the last presidential election because I was in North Dakota.  Shockingly, my vote does not count there and since the American people don’t actually elect a president, I figured what the hell.  Strike me down now.  I don’t care.
My political stance is somewhere in the middle, the older I get, the more it balances.  But, I can tell you this and you probably already know it if you follow me on twitter – I will ALWAYS vote for the person who guarantees a woman’s right to choose.  That’s how my decision is based annually and I know not everyone agrees with me.  Hell, I don’t even agree with half of each of their platforms but it is the most important thing to me.  Also, I think Mitt Romney is shady and moderately creepy, but that’s a personal thing.  I’m not going to get into a political fodder toss with anyone because legitimately, I don’t always know what is going on in the government.  Very few do.  It takes an incredible amount of time to keep up with their shady shenanigans (and a legal dictionary in most cases).  Also, there is no CSPAN here, so I can’t watch it and I would rather shoot myself in the leg than watch it.  They’re annoying and I hate, hate, hate parliamentary procedure.  I also hate wasting time, words, effort, money, on BULLSHIT.  I also hate fraud of all kinds.

That being said we are 2 weeks into a shutdown and I’m even more annoyed.  Actually, I’m livid.

I’m livid that we are a country who continually sends money out to bribe support other countries.  I am livid that we live in such excess that we are never going to be able to pay our debts off.  I am livid that we’ve been at war for over 10 years (imagine being a 9 year old, you think this is normal and that’s sad – my entire adult life has been at war).  I am livid that our government can be bough and sold by corporations.  I am livid that some fast food workers are bitching and whining about not making $15/hour to drop a basket of fries – kiss my ass, I made less than that dispensing medications that could potentially kill someone, you’re responsible for a flippin’ potato.  I am livid that laws get passed for the good of the people and the people don’t even know about them.  I’m livid that Congress can’t get their shit together.  I’m livid that you can patent the human genome and charge people to do research on YOUR gene (a special EFF you to those people).  I’m livid that people are being forced to go to work and not get paid for it.  I’m livid that we only have a partial shutdown, go big or go home people.  I’m livid that in the last hours, they passed a pay the military bill – I’m thankful that we have money but that was a total cop-out.  I’m just livid.

I’m also livid for this:

Now, if you stick around long enough you will find that the the House Rules Committee added a bill that would only allow the the Majority Leader to make a motion for House Joint Resolution 59 which is the Continuing Appropriations Resolution (funding the government).  Essentially, only the Republican Majority leader (or his designee) can motion for the bill.  Which means that NOTHING can be done until that person (Eric Cantor) does so.


I will also throw out that I no longer identify with a specific party because I think they’re both about as useful as plastic wrap in a typhoon.

For the record, I’m also livid that it took me forever to find the text of the bills.

But I’m not as livid as this dude:

Where is he when we need him these days?  This was from 2 years ago from what I can tell and it’s still relevant.  Someone bring this dude back, it’s awesome.

If I have a fact wrong, please correct me… if you don’t agree with me, I don’t really care.  What I do care about is that I’m not even 30 and this government is going to hell in a handbasket.  In order to fix it, HUGE strides will be made, corruption will need to be dealt with and common sense needs a small kickstart because some of the stuff coming out of the government is RIDICULOUS.

The government doesn’t care about me and you, they only care about themselves.  If you don’t believe me, I’d like to introduce you to Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey (R).  Mr. Gingrey is (was?) an OB-GYN turned government hand puppet.  He states, Staffers “may be 33 years old now and not making a lot of money.  But in a few years they can just go to K Street… and make $500,000 a year.  Meanwhile I’m stuck here making $172,000 a year.” here

Maybe I misunderstood the definition of civil service but damn, $172,000/year sounds might decent to me for a man who’s worth an estimated $3 million.

Headdesk.  Headdesk.  Headdesk.


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