MyCAA revisited

If you are on a military base and you are friends with, or belong to any of the spouses page (and yard sale pages) facebook accounts/pages – you’ve no doubt seen the advertisements for MyCAA and some type of training program.


I saw one of those today and the girl (who isn’t even at this base or country for that matter) was peddling a pharmacy tech program through Auburn University.  Now, if you remember, I’m a CPhT (yes, it’s still valid) amongst other things that involve multiple bachelor’s degrees and the like.  Regardless, I inquired about it’s legitimacy.  I asked about it’s accreditation, what school was hosting the program, the link to the school, the link to the program, etc.  I asked, very specifically, about it’s accreditation in regards to ASHP (American Society of Hospital Pharmacists).  She claimed she had called the school and they told her that they were indeed accredited.  I ran over to the ASHP site and looked for their little school on the list (and boy, are they a little school).  Guess who’s not on the list?  Auburn University OR Tyler Junior College out of Tyler, Texas.  I specifically asked about the ASHP because it’s a major accreditation board and multiple states require an approved curriculum from them to license their pharmacy technicians.  She gave me a link to the PTCB website for their accreditation (wrong!).  Told me she called the school (lie). 


Apparently, the draw to be a pharm tech is so great that people all over the world want to count pills.  Let me just tell you that there is SO much more to it than that.  Between a constant phone ringing, people at the window, IV’s being drawn up, pills being counted and moved and loaded and unloaded and returned and dispensed, orders needing verified, scheduled meds needing to be sent around, etc. etc. etc. – things get hectic.  In the land of food, you can screw up a cheeseburger, your manager might not see your mistake and your customer will live.  If you screw up a baby IV and your pharmacist doesn’t catch the error, that baby might die and you’ll both be out of a job, a license, and a potentially your own money.


I told her what was up, nice as possible but these people are recruiters.  They will tell you whatever they can to get you to give up your MyCAA money.  This system is a CASH COW.  I’ve talked to the MyCAA people about it and they admit the system is inherently flawed but they have no control over MyCAA approved schools.  They just have to meet federal financial aid requirements.  Yes, it’s awesome that there is some money out there for people to get educated and find a trade, but seriously… do your homework.  If you take the program and can’t use it, how likely are you to retake it?  You’re not.  You spent all this time and effort getting good grades and completing assignments and now it’s futile and you’ll have to do it again, if you decide to.  Ask anyone who’s taken a college class, they don’t want to take it again.  Ask anyone who’s had to take one twice, they hate everything about it.


Get your education, find a trade, but make sure it’s useful!  Make sure that you can USE it and it’s legitimate.  She’s running around spouting Auburn University and they’re not even the ones who are administering the program!  They’re recruiters, they lie.  You’re almost all military spouses (or military members) – you KNOW this already.


BE SMART (and don’t take any programs with Education Consulting Associates)!


P.S., how are you going to get trained in a medical career that requires physical skills without doing any clinicals?  Really?  If you get an online certification for phlebotomy, stay away from me.




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