Okinawa Fruit Land

So the Japanese have this unhealthy obsession with “theme parks”. Except they’re not the same (this is a normal problem between the 2 cultures).

This weekend we decided to run off and have a weekend. We haven’t done this since we went to South Dakota when it was hotter than the sun. I’m serious about that one, I almost died – it was unbearable.

We snagged a last minute reservation at the Kadena FSS facility – Okuma on the north end of the island. When I say north, I mean way north. Okinawa may be a small island but no one likes driving for 2.5 hours.

We made it to Nago before we could check in so we stopped at Fruit Land. It’s an exotic fruit theme park that sits directly across from Pineapple Park (also a “theme park”). The gist is that you pay ¥1000/person ($10 at current rates) to walk through this tropical paradise. The brochure is very convincing. Afterwards, they literally dump you in a souvenir shop and offer you samples and try to get you to buy stuff.

First, I saw no tropical fruit. None. They must have been dead. Second, there was 1 butterfly in the butterfly park. Seriously, not joking. Third, apparently there is some fairy quest that I didn’t understand but you might get something if you fill up your stamp card. Fourth, lunch was actually good. They have a restaurant and cafe and we grabbed lunch at the restaurant (yakuniku set – came out cooked but still good) and we snagged some pineapple juice from the cafe that was like blended pineapple, maybe juiced, with black tapioca pearled, served on ice. Lastly, we bought choco pine which is like pineapple flavored white chocolate and hibiscus tea.

Then we headed to Okuma to check in and hang out for the rest of the night.



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