What we wish we put in our Unaccompanied Baggage (Express Shipment)

UAB or unaccompanied baggage is your small shipment that arrives as an express shipment. I have no idea how much weight you get for it, ours clocked in at 435lbs.

What we packed –
Air mattress
Pack n play
Rock n play
2 suitcases full of clothing
3 totes, 1 of all his gear from the station
A box with a few pots and pans, some dishes, silverware and plastic cups
Queen Sheets
Breast pump (tmi? Who cares)
Air mattress pump
Cheap Shower curtain
Toilet paper and electric toothbrushes
And some odds and ends that the packers missed in our hhgs
Hard drives with movies on them

What we would pack in addition next time –
Small tool set with screwdriver with all the attachments, and a wrench
Television – Probably just the little spare room one
Can opener and potentially a corkscrew (you’re gonna need it, lol)
Plain Shower curtain liner or the one with the mesh pockets
hangers (at least 1 good box of them)
Bluetooth speakerphone for car – I left mine behind 😦
Fm transmitter if going to a foreign country

What we wouldn’t have packed –
Electric toothbrush – stupid fire locker
Odds and ends packers missed
His tote from work that had random bullshit in it.
Cheap shower curtain
Half of his clothing

His uniform stuff obviously had to come, but an r/c car that was in his locker did not… Nor did we need his fire books or that stupid binder from bmt. He brought so much clothing you’d swear he was a chick. We needed all the baby stuff and while we really loved co-sleeping with baby danger, I’m glad to have him back in his bed and out of our new found and borrowed double bed.

We were lucky enough to get government furniture to tide us over but they don’t give you a tv or microwave. I tried to go to airman and family readiness’s loan closet to borrow a few things (microwave, toaster, vacuum, coffee pot, etc) and they’re completely out of stuff. I’m glad we brought the things we did, even if we didn’t use the air mattress.  We tried to pack a recliner, but they said no, lol.

Next time we won’t have so much baby stuff, hopefully, and we will have room for other stuff.

What am I missing??  What did you put in yours that you were thankful for?