49 Days

49 days until I get to see him.  I’ve googled everything, pressured the whole family to buy the tickets and get travel arrangements set and I haven’t even received a piece of mail yet.  I’m pretty sure I have the wrong address for him because I think he gave me the wrong unit number.  Sending mail is interesting but that’s another post in itself.  Maybe tomorrow?

I was so thrilled to get past the 50 day mark and now I’m looking forward to the 40 day mark.  The first piece of mail I sent him was his cell phone charger.  Apparently, you can have your cell phone at boot camp?!?!?  That would have been nice to know in advance (thanks recruiter).  I have this new struggle with jealousy.  I stalk his Facebook and wish it would constantly vanish.  I sometimes wish I had his email address so I could check that too.  I also wish that he didn’t have a cell phone so that he could only call the people whose numbers he had memorized.  Instead, I try to avoid these things and instead wait to see when he’s going to get paid because I need that check for  his bills lol.


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